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New Jersey's agencies operate separately with different policies for providing public records. With the expansion of online services, government departments offer instant license verification, criminal history requests directly from the state police and over eighty individual agencies throughout New Jersey. Break down of divisions where hard to find records are accessed.

  • New Jersey Criminal Records Information Unit
    State Police offer criminal history record checks. Individual criminal background checks available for personal record request for purposes of immigration, naturalization, visa, foreign business, international adoption and record expungement. Employers perform records requests for employment, volunteer work or other performances of service.
  • Bureau of Vital Records of New Jersey Department of Health
    Requesting a certified copy of a birth, death, marriage or divorce record. For purposes of application for passports, employment, citizenship, education, benefits, insurance and other permitted uses. Forms and instructions on obtaining records. Includes local county registrars' addresses, contact information and fees. Expedited orders available.
  • New Jersey Property Records
    Lookup deeds, mortgages, property taxes, documents and additional information and records provided by state of New Jersey Division of Tax Assessors. Results will reveal parcel number, owner information and address, property assessment and value, sales history, building characteristics and other features and out buildings
  • Contaminated Sites Public Records for New Jersey
    Search reports and public record of known contaminated sites, active and pending, and those that were closed or otherwise affected by necessary site remediation.
  • New Jersey Department of Education Schools Directory (K-12)
    Search New Jersey public and charter schools by county or region. Find information regarding state testing and standards, teacher accreditation. Search the Dept. of Education homepage for more info on school district budgets. Conduct a background check on your child's school by viewing School report cards.
  • New Jersey Division of Enterprise Services Business Entity Search
    Search corporations, LLC's, LLP's and business documents under an individual's name, associated names (DBA), the registered agent, trademark name or document number. Business entity info available online. Obtain business status reports. Fictitious business name filing inquiries reveal status of the company, owner information. View a copy of the registration aplication and available document images. Information about judgment liens detailing information of the court, debtor, creditor, amount and more.
  • New Jersey Statewide UCC Document Number or Debtor Name Search
    A UCC filing is notice of any outside financial interest in the assets of a business. Searching the NJ Dept. of Treasury's Division and Revenue Services UCC filings allows potential lenders or buyers to investigate any debt associated with a particular asset, like a property lien or judgment. Online services for UCC inquiries, filings; copy and debtor search certificate requests, fees may apply.
  • New Jersey Bureau of Securities Regulation
    Divisions of Consumer Affairs provides financial institutions' status, read up on securities regulations, guides to investing. Securities settlement information, potential investing scams for consumers to avoid. File a complaint regarding investment fraud.
  • New Jersey Financial Crimes and Antitrust Bureau
    Information and best practices on protecting consumers from unfair or deceptive trade practices relating to financial or business investments and dealings.
  • New Jersey Corporate Division
    Statutory business filings; trademarks and trade names. Business entities' changes, updates and reports. File or amend business standing, access to business records services, search limited documents for free, fees may apply for access to full records.
  • New Jersey Official Recorded Document Online Search
    Documents recorded by the state of New Jersey county clerks are available online for public retrieval. Initial search by county where recorded, instrument number, document type or party name results in a brief description. Further details regarding a particular filing can be requested with minimal fees online revealing all data collected and recorded. A general query can include one or more categories of recordings under individual's and businesses.
  • New Jersey State Historical Records and Archives Search
    Nearly 500,000 documents and photographs available as an online searchable database of New Jersey State archival collection. Review vital records, land documents, agricultural photos, census data, probate records, military service records and other significant historical moments or genealogical gold that have been catalogued and recorded.
  • New Jersey Professional License Record Search and Verification
    Search directory of state licensed professions. Verify an individual by conducting a search by business, organization or individual name.
  • Licensed Professions and Occupations in New Jersey
    Listings of state licensed professions and additional information provided by relevant oversight board. Search by field. Included medical and non-medical occupations. Find out the prerequisites for obtainining a professional license.
  • New Jersey Sex Offenders Registration Search
    New Jersey State Police registry of sexual offenders. Search by name, area, vehicle. List of fugitive offenders. Services to resident include receiving email alerts when a predators has moved into an area. Victim information and safety tips with resources for families, child safety tips and guides. Find email addresses and IM names under an offender. Conduct a standard or guided search in your neighborhood or near schools.
  • New Jersey Division of Taxation; Treasury Department
    Resources and information for individuals and businesses on tax withholdings, filing and payment extension, collections and enforcements. Obtain income tax refund status. Resources for property tax relief, sales and use tax.
  • New Jersey Division of Elections and Voter Information
    Voting, registration, election dates, candidates, committees and campaign finance reports.
  • Statutes and Administrative Rules of New Jersey
    Search legislative bills, revised statutes, administrative rules, court rules and additional resources. Look under "Laws and Constitution" to find links to state statutes and the New Jersey State Constitution. Comprehensive information for the public and legal students.
  • New Jersey Business Forms
    Free downloadable forms from the business programs division.
  • Homeland Security and Cyber Safety Risk in New Jersey
    Homeland security and emergency management operations. Includes cyber security protocol and best proceducres for government, public works, and individuals. State assessment of school safety preparedness.
  • Phone Directory for New Jersey State Agencies
    Search by department, organization name or phone number. Contact any state agency, personnel, or office statewide.
  • New Jersey Banking Department
    The New Jersey Dept. of Banking and Insurance protects the public's interest through enforcing financial services regulation. Investigate financial institutions doing business in NJ with a bank search. Consumer alerts on banking scams, data breaches, bank mergers, service charge fees, credit awareness and more. File a complaint.
  • New Jersey State Council on the Arts
    To insure that the role of the arts in our communities will continue to grow
  • Search For New Jersey State Employees
    Search state government employees' phone directory. Search by name, county division or by telephone number.
  • Inmate and Criminal Offender Information
    New Jersey Department of Corrections official database of prisoners held in state correctional institutions. Search online for status of inmates and additional information.
  • New Jersey Missing Persons Reported to State Police
    List of open cases currently reported to New Jersey State Police of missing individuals. Provides information and photos regarding open or unsolved cases.
  • Unidentified Persons or Bodies in New Jersey
    List of open cases currently being investigated by New Jersey State Police. Results include living and deceased individuals. Contact information to provide assistance in ongoing investigations.
  • AMBER Alert Plan, New Jersey Abduction Reporting and Alerts
    Amberica's Missing Broadcast Emergency Response, AMBER alert notifications. AMBER abduction reporting form available.
  • Search New Jersey Law
    Lookup New Jersey codes and laws.
  • New Jersey Banking Department
    The New Jersey Dept. of Banking and Insurance protects the public's interest through enforcing financial services regulation. Investigate financial institutions doing business in NJ with a bank search. Consumer alerts on banking scams, data breaches, bank mergers, service charge fees, credit awareness and more. File a complaint.
  • Unclaimed Property Records
    Search the New Jersey State Treasury department database of unclaimed properties. This can include money. Check for past or dormant bank accounts, look up your claims and notices received from the state.
  • New Jersey State Data Center
    Effective vehicle for the dissemination of data in conjunction with the US Census Bureau. Demographics, population and statistical research data. Census results.
  • New Jersey State GeoWeb
    Creates, maintains, and makes available a statewide geographic database. All available environmental information of a particular location. Interactive mapping tools and tutorial.
  • New Jersey Public Utilities
    Information, data and guidance on energy use and community planning. Rates and enforcement.
  • New Jersey Clean Energy Program Grants and Solicitations
    Rebates and opportunities for residential public utilities users in New Jersey. Public records search. Clean energy program requests for proposals, view bids from individuals and corporations. Green job training and opportunitites.
  • New Jersey Energy Assistance
    Department of Community Affairs offers financial assistance to help weatherize homes of low-income state residents of New Jersey. How to sign up.
  • New Jersey Genealogy and Ancestry
    Lookup your ancestry online from a huge database of historical records.
  • New Jersey Division of State Police
    Providing law enforcement service throughout the State of New Hampshire Information and services for state and local police departments.
  • Missing or Endangered Children in New Jersey
    New Jersey Special Investigations Missing Persons Unit is a liaison between residents, private entities and police agencies. Providing data, reports, tips and resources with other law enforcment agencies, even Interpol. Working with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Photos of missing individuals from open cases.
  • New Jersey Airports
    Search public, private and military facilities across New Jersey.
  • State Library Resources
    Services for the public, teachers, students. Find New Jersey Document Depository Libraries. Search online databases, electronic journals and library catalogues. Research materials for archivists, librarians and access to record managers
  • New Jersey College and University Directories
    Information for students, faculty, community on state universities
  • New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission
    Services and resources for New Jersey drivers.
  • New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles
    Education, enforcement, identification, licensing, registration and title. Request a driving history abstract.
  • New Jersey Department of Health and Human Services
    Providing resources, services for citizens to achieve health and independence after dealing with life struggles and bigger things like hurricanes and natural distaters. Employment opportunities.
  • National Hurricane Center Weather Service
    New Jersey regional forecasts, advisories, satellite and radar data
  • New Jersey State Records Requests
    Guidelines and information for public records.
  • Division of Fire Safety
    Information to protect the property and resources of New Jersey.
  • New Jersey Visitors Information
    Guide to the state of New Jersey.
  • Get Driving Records from DMV
    How to request a personal driving record in NJ
  • New Jersey Maps, Government and Population
    Information on New Jersey; economy, government, culture and more.
  • New Jersey Department of Veterans Affairs
    Services, benefit guides, support, advocacy and representation for veterans.
  • Veterans Military Service Records
    Request service records, correct information and online document research
  • National Resource Directory for Veterans and Families
    Benefits, compensation, housing, programs and services
  • The New Jersey Chamber of Commerce
    Issues, legislation pertaining to businesses, events and local chamber directory
  • New Jersey Fish and Wildlife Department
    Get fishing and hunting licenses online; education and training Hunting, fishing and trapping stamps or permits. Public land use and state's wildlife management overview.
  • New Jersey Public Seaports
    Information about New Jersey and New Yorks' ocean ports. Lookup Ocean shipping schedule by line, terminal, or region. Find tariff rates for cargo transportation, support services offered by Port Security.
  • New Jersey Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services
    Applicable New Jersey regulations, licenses, permits, and registrations.
  • New Jersey Department of Health Senior Services
    Administration, publications, questions about programs and applying for services.
  • New Jersey State Senate, Districts and Legislation
    Find your state legislator, senator and assemblymembers. Search by district or name. District boundaries and maps. Legislative transparency in New Jersey, laws and bill search.
  • New Jersey Municipalities Directory
    Municipal directories containing contact information to the city mayor, commissioners and clerks
  • New Jersey Government Job Seeker and State Employees
    Browse jobs by region or county and facts about working for the state of New Jersey.
  • New Jersey Sheriffs Association
    Contact info for New Jersey Sheriffs by county. Resources, press releases, employment opportunities.
  • New Jersey Victim Services Directory
    Contact info and resources for victims of crime.
  • New Jersey State Hospital
    The Division of Mental Services operates state and county hospitals statewide that provides assistance to individuals with mental illnesses by providing inpatient and neurological care.
  • New Jersey Commission on Women
    Formed to formed to address health and social service issues that affect women and families. Enhance opportunities and make positive changes for women by providing health education and additional services by county.
  • State of New Jersey Organizational Chart
    View the organization of state government, its branches and departments.
  • Major New Jersey Agency Listings
    List of state government agencies, boards divisions and departments.
  • New Jersey Floodplain Management Program
    Technical assistance to communities and public on floodplain management
  • New Jersey Department of Transportation
    Information on air, rail, bike, highway and public transportation, community programs.
  • Department of Information Technology
    Manage and coordinate infrastructure of all technology resources that allows New Jersey State to deliver vital services to its citizens.
  • New Jersey County Planning Division Records
    County development relating to land use. County master plan, wastewater management plan. Land development applications.
  • New Jersey Association of Museums Online Database
    Museum exhibits, collections, art and area based search.
  • New Jersey Press Association
    Daily newspapers, historical publications, business news, campus articles.
  • New Jersey Job Search Resources
    Career centers, research job openings, market trends, get job training, find job fairs.
  • New Jersey Travel and Tourism Information
    Guide to where to stay, what to see and things to do in the state
  • Services to Disabled Persons
    Parking permits, vocational rehabilitation, school and work programs.
  • New Jersey Cemetery Search
    Find cemeteries by counties across the state
  • Land Boundary Information System
    Distributes land survey related information and geographical maps
  • New Jersey Historical Society
    Independent nonprofit that saves, preserves and shares New Hampshire history. Publicly accessible records, documents and photos of great historical and sentimental value.
State of New Jersey Courts
The New Jersey court system provides for many online services when individuals as well as attorneys are looking for filing and case information. The state's judicial system's court resources offer cases involving criminal convictions of felony and misdemeanors. Civil case online access, calendar of upcoming cases, judgment and lien databases are listed for public use. Court forms and help with representing yourself is also offered through the state judicial websites.


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